Why Responsive Webdesign?

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the primary medium for online content. In a world full of intelligent smartphones, tablets, netbooks and other affordable web-enabled mobile devices, use of the mobile internet is growing rapidly across all age groups Farben.

A representative ARD / ZDF-on-line study from 2015 shows that in the Federal Republic currently more than 30 million people are mobile in the Internet.

This development is nice for mobile internet providers, but have you ever visited your website on a smartphone? You should test the presentation quietly, because your website is increasingly mobile.

If you have a desktop-only optimized website, you will not be able to win mobile Internet users because your website is not displayed on the smaller displays.

Responsive web design automatically adjusts the menu and layout to any screen size and orientation, and allows a consistent, user-friendly and easy-to-read presentation of your web content on all end devices.

If you want to present yourself in the Internet in a safe future, then it will be time for a responsive design to rise.

Dental software

Responsive Webdesign for DENS GmbH. Also this page is based on WordPress. The wordpress theme was developed by COLORFOX-MEDIA and developed including search engine optimization.

Gangway e.V.

Responsive web design for Gangway e.V. Association for street social work. This website is not only very comprehensive, it also has an internal area to facilitate the collaboration of the colleagues.
Intranet, event calendar, responsive

Webdesign La-DANZA

Another example of responsive design. The page of La Danza offers the possibility to book dancing classes online. Customers can create their own user profile with picture and search for dance partners.

Videos are preferred rather than long texts read. Through the targeted placement of image films and product videos in various video portals, attention is attracted to your company. Online videos provide a much better search engine ranking on their website.

explanatory video

Explanatory videos help to complicate complicated connections, in a few minutes to clarify. The narrative, anticipated solution arouses appetite for the viewer and increases his buying interest.


Videomarketing is a good way to increase the traffic to the website and thus the brand awareness. Above all, a video helps to keep the consumer better in the memory. The human being is a sense of being, and precisely these senses are doubly addressed by the audio-visual advertising material.

Imagefilm / documentation

An image film offers your company, your person or your product a perfect opportunity to present yourself before a certain target group.

We would also be pleased to document your exhibition, seminar, conference or workshop, or other actions and events of your company.