Laptop Gaming – Is the Power There Yet?

The proverbial question amongst gamers is: Is the laptop really capable of handling the newer more powerful, more graphic intensive games? This question was asked 10 years ago and will be asked every year for the next 10 years and maybe beyond. However, laptop gaming has closed the gap from 10 years ago with new processors and new powerful GPUs. Laptop gaming has taken major steps in this year alone. But some problems do still exist.

Over the past few months and years, ATI and NVIDIA has had some of best and slickest graphic cards for laptops. The ATI 5870 Broadway XT 800 700Mhz and the NVIDIA GTX 285M are awesome in laptops buy cheap. Battery life wasn’t great but at least you could play some of the most complex PC video games. BUT us gamers just had to push the envelope again (we are never satisfied, are we?). So Intel, NVIDIA and ATI kept on producing newer and more incredible CPUs and GPUs just to keep us gamers happy. Nice of them isn’t it? Intel is so good at increasing the power of their mobile i5 and i7 processors that you would think they had it on the shelf for years and just decided to release them because they saturated the market with the slower ones. NAH, they wouldn’t do that would they? But I digress. Let’s move on.

Bring on the NVIDIA GTX 480M SLI, the mobile version of the GTX480. Are you kidding me? A mobile GTX 480? Holy crap! In a laptop? Awesome Dude! But wait, will ATI stand for this? Well they do have the Radeon 5870 Crossfire at 1600 700MHz. Good lord, absolutely awesome. But is there some mystery mobile Radeon card on the horizon. I bet yes, really it is a safe bet. Same with NVIDIA. These guys are not going to stop building superb graphic cards. They will keep leap-frogging each other until one of them gets bought by one of the big boys like Dell, IBM or HP. If that happens, kiss there innovation good-bye and quickly. The big boys are notorious for crushing innovation. But I digress again. Let’s move on, again.

Today, laptop gaming is the best it has been in years and will only get better. NVIDIA, Intel and ATI will continue producing cool innovative products. And people will buy them. The most complex games can now be played on laptops. Maybe not as well as a super cooled, full tower, multi-GPU, full blown 24GB memory, 10GB storage system but it will be close. Games will get more complex and laptops will get more powerful, simple rule of survival in the computer industry. Another rule: Gamers will always push the envelope of gaming technology, thus driving the entire computer market, another topic for another article.

But there is red caution flag with laptop gaming. The 3 biggest issues are power supplies, battery consumption and heat. These super fast GPUs and extreme CPUs are monsters on drawing power, eating the battery alive and producing enough heat to fry an egg. People are not interested in getting 20 minutes from a battery or watching the lights dim when you plug-in one of these laptops or adapting to the smell of burning plastic. BUT, these things will catch up. Heat dissipation systems will improve laptop power supplies will get bigger and battery life will improve. But just in case keep the bacon handy and play on!


Cool Gadgets Shopper – Irresistible Gadgets Your Customers Will Love

When we talk about cool gadgets, we don’t mean James Bond cool gadgets. The term “cool gadgets” discusses a specific set of electronics which stand out from the rest of the crowd in their special use or rarity. Typically, the reason could be anything. While a calculator cannot be set aside as a cool gadget, a cool electronic binoculars with night vision and focus adjustors would count as one. The obvious question would be the factors that distinguish the cool gadgets from the not-so-cool ones gadgets . While listing all the factors could take an eternity, you’ll find some of the factors here.

* New Technology – When the Bluetooth was introduced, there were only a couple of manufacturers who understood its importance and incorporated the technology in their cell phones. Those cell phones were considered “cool gadgets”. A typical example of a cool gadget now would be one of those Smartphones or the iPhone or even the iPad. While the Amazon Kindle can be considered a cool gadget, it is arguable.

* Rarity – If you own it and your friends own it and everybody you know own it, it’s not really a cool gadget anymore even if it’s an iPhone. Think of this – when everyone you knew wandered around with a candy bar cell phone, one of your friends must have owned a gem of a cell phone. Now that would have been a cool gadget.

* Cool Brand Name – Well, this is simplicity itself. Some brand names are cool and some are not. The Barbecue Propane Gauge is a boring name while the Xbox sounds cool.

These are just some of the reasons why cool gadgets stand out from the others. It is never unanimously accepted because there are always complainers. If the majority of the geeks accept it as a cool gadget, then it goes down in the history books as one.

This year has been remarkable for cool gadgets because there have been some impressive gadgets in the market. With the size of the computer gradually decreasing and its features exponentially increasing, the vacuum tube computers evolved into desktops and laptops and finally into tablet PCs. You can describe them in one word – Awesome! The Windows phone is critically acclaimed but has not received too much attention from the people, maybe because they think it’s going to be bug-ridden too. On the other hand, the Android phone was well received by the masses. You can now change the way you watch TV with the latest 3DTVs. If Nintendo’s Wii can attract people, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect can redefine the concept of gaming. These are just some of the really cool gadgets of last year but 2010 has been fortunate in the endless list of new innovative products that came out.