Is That Vacation Rental Really Clean?

Anyone who’s cleaned a home from top to bottom knows the time it takes to do the job properly. They also know how easy it would be to reach a point of surrender and say “it’s clean enough, let’s go”. How much time did the cleaners spend on your unit and with how many people? Time restraint can be a problem. Vacate Cleaning

When there is a ‘quick-turn’ on a unit, time is of the essence. ‘Quick-turn’ means a unit has been vacated and will be reoccupied that same day. Hence, approximately 5 hours to completely clean and disinfect a home that may be as large as 5 or 6 bedrooms and a corresponding number of bathrooms. Every bed, sink, toilet, shower, appliance, door knob, counter top and floor must be ready for occupancy.

Ever sent dirty silverware back at a restaurant? How would you know if the silverware in your rental was properly cleaned? The plates and glasses? Check all these items to avoid any unpleasant surprises left by a lazy cleaning service.

A cleaning service will typically have a checklist to follow. That list will include the usual: change linens, vacuum, wipe bathrooms, wipe kitchen and refill paper products. When under the gun to meet deadlines, corners will be cut.

When your toddler picks up the TV remote control and puts it right in their mouth, you’ll hope it was disinfected. All of the things that should have been cleaned properly come to mind. Usually you can tell if something is clean by looking at it from different angles for light reflection. Also, check under beds and behind doors for dust bunnies.

As a guest, inform your rental agent or the owner immediately of any genuine cleanliness problems. If you’ve employed the cleaning service, then don’t hesitate to give them an opportunity to make the situation right. Their response should determine their future employability.