Make Sex Last Longer – Destroy Premature Ejaculation With Kegel Exercises And Last Longer In Bed

How does Kegel help stop premature ejaculation thus helping you to make sex last longer, well it is concerned with the strengthening of the pelvic musclefatigue Destruindo a ejaculaço precoce.

Kegel exercises may also increase sexual gratification and aid in reducing premature ejaculation.

The simple exercises involve contracting the pelvic muscle and holding it for increasing amounts of time to strengthen your pelvic floor.Many men are put off at the thought of such “exercises” but please do not be put off these are powerful techniques and with time and persistence you will be pleasantly surprised at your ability to last longer in bed.

They do take some time but are simple to learn and can be practised anywhere, no special

or premises are required in fact they are discreet and innocuous and can be carried out whist watching television and even at your work place. Find about ten minutes every day to perform these exercises and you will be hugely rewarded.

Take a look at the following Kegel exercises and make a commitment to practice them daily.

Tighten the pelvic muscle and hold for 10 seconds then release slowly. Rest for 10 seconds and repeat. Do this five times.
Tighten the pelvic muscle and hold for 5 seconds then release slowly. Rest for 10 seconds and repeat. Do this 10 times.
Tighten the pelvic muscle and hold for 20 seconds, release slowly rest for 10 seconds and repeat five times.
Tighten and hold for as long as possible, release slowly and make a note of how long you were able to hold. Your aim is to slowly increase this time.

It is as simple as that your pelvic muscle is no different to any other muscle you have and will strengthen with regular exercise and if you persevere the benefits will become apparent within a few weeks. As you progress, gradually increase the number of reps for each exercise but be careful not to overdo it, if you encounter any soreness then rest for a day or two.

So what benefits can you expect, well you will certainly be able to make sex last longer and you should have developed a stronger and harder penis. As time goes on you and your partner will see and feel the difference and you can look forward to being able to last longer in bed and destroy premature ejaculation for good.

Thank you for taking time to read this article I wish you every success.

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