Blue Host – Why Advertisers Switch into BlueHost and WordPress

Right now we conduct more than ten WordPress websites on our BlueHost account. All our sites have their own domains. In addition, we have an infinite number of email addresses end with our domain. And, we’re in complete control of the look and texture of our websites.

However, it was not always like this.

Initially… we were bankrupt. We wanted to website, but we did not wish to cover anything. We signed up for a free blogger account. Ten months after, we decided to get more severe and we changed into some self-hosted WordPress site powered by BlueHost.

Here are the 3 big problems we had with complimentary sites Hosting wordpress:

You’ve got that navigation bar on top which frequently includes free sites. By way of instance, Blogger and Xanga both do so. It assists users to locate other sites or Xanga sites, but does this truly present the professional appearance that you are trying for?
Your free website just has a couple of essential features. By way of instance, WordPress delivers a free platform, however you can not install some of those plugins to include additional attributes like top-commentator plugins, surveys, survey, etc..
LiveJournal delivers a free platform, but their fundamental accounts just have a couple of the attributes turned on. If you would like more services, then you can find consideration, but you consent to allow LiveJournal run their advertisements on your site. If you would like to turn off their ads, or purchase your domain name to use with your site, then you have to get a paid account ($3 per month).
You are not permitted to generate income with your own free blog. A great deal of folks blog because it is fun. However, we also attempt to find out if we could make a little cash on the side. In the end, there are plenty of methods to earn money through blogging: Google advertisements, affiliate links, sponsored articles.
The one issue is that lots of these free blogging platforms especially say you can not run those items. As an instance, the free WordPress.com platform does not permit you to run advertisements on your website. Much like Xanga.
The significant exception to this is Blogger. Blogger is owned by Google and they make it simple to conduct Google Ads in your site. But then, companies such as PayPerPost that cover your to compose sponsored articles will frequently reject your site if you’re operating a free accounts in typepad, xanga, blogspot, livejournal, wordpress.com, or vox.
We changed to BlueHost for the following 3 reasons:

BlueHost provided a free domain name for life once you signed up for their internet hosting package ($6. 95/month).
BlueHost provided free domain coverage enrollment.
You may take an infinite number of domains hosted on your own BlueHost account. This was significant to us since that way we can experiment with a great deal of different sites and every blog would have another domain name.
In the end, you can make install WordPress in your site with the click of a button. If you operate a blog on WordPress.com, you can not do anything. But if you set up the free WordPress applications from WordPress.org in your site, it is possible to run ads, make cash from your sites, and set up each the attributes (plugins) that you would like. BlueHost let’s set up as many WordPress websites as we need on our BlueHost account with the click of a button.
Bottom Line: If you would like to experiment with blogging, then receive a free blogging accounts. If you would like to experiment with making money through blogging, then receive a free Blogger account from Google. But as soon as you decide you wish to measure up your cash making experimentation, then you need to think about obtaining a Web hosting account someplace and running WordPress out of it.

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