Proton Beam Cancer Treatment SAVES LIVES!

FACT: Almost 30,000 men each year die just from prostate cancer

What are the alternatives for treating cancer? Invasive Surgery, chemo therapy, radiation, Gamma Knife, Proton Beam Therapy, “natural cures.”

Deeply invasive surgery used to be the only kind of therapy going for things like breast cancer, brain cancer or prostate cancer hypnosis toronto. Until just recently, most patients took months to recover from even minor invasive surgery for cancer, and some never did recover. The reputation for invasive surgery is so bad that some patients have been known to just give up and die when told “an operation” was their only hope.

When one man’s wife had a cancerous lump show up in one breast her doctors insisted that both her breasts be removed so that cancer wouldn’t show up unexpectedly in the other one. That was bad enough, but then they insisted that all 6 of their daughters have genetic testing performed “to determine if they also should have both their breasts removed, as a preventative measure!


Chemo therapy was the next step up from invasive surgery for treating some cancers. I remember seeing the needle slip out on one early patient, and that liquid chemo killer boiled down her arm, leaving a strip of raw skin behind. Chemo is much advanced from that primitive time, thank goodness, but it still works on the same principle: kill everything in sight – and hope that only “good stuff” is regenerated. Today’s physicians specializing in applying chemo therapy are also more adept at applying this therapy, and most of them now listen to their patients so that the program may be modified as needed. Cancer is seldom the ONLY problem a patient may have. Having something like: heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes, can require many modifications.

Radiation therapy was a huge step forward. At first it worked rather similarly to sticking your head in the microwave where everything inside an area as thick as your fist would get zapped with sizzling bolts of energy – more or less right on the cancer tumors – with the intent to do murder to the black-eyed invader. Even though almost as much of the healthy tissue in surrounding areas was also destroyed, it was still a giant step forward. Today, with rapid advances in modern technology — and where applicable — radiation therapy can work wonders.

Gamma Knife: “.. can improve survival rates for patients with malignant brain tumors that cannot be removed through surgery alone. This noninvasive procedure replaces a surgeon’s scalpel with 201 precisely focused beams of cobalt gamma radiation, having minimal effect on healthy surrounding tissue. The Gamma Knife has been especially beneficial to patients considered poor surgical candidates due to age, health factors or inability to tolerate general anesthesia. In addition, this advanced technology has been found to be beneficial to children who are candidates for this approach.”

The theory behind Proton Beam Therapy is to strike hard at just a small cluster of cancer at a time, and let the body recover between strikes. ” — the patient is exposed (overall) to 500 percent LESS radiation than your traditional X-ray therapy,” said Dr. Sameer Keole, a radiation oncologist working at ProCure in Oklahoma City, OK.

Natural cures? Well, they really have helped a lot of people — but if you really believe in any of them then you should have begun using them long before you knew that your cancer was there. Consult with your physician about possible conflicts before using any natural cures while involved in treating cancer.

Proton Beam Cancer Treatments


Here’s How It Started In The Beginning..

Using high-energy protons for medical treatment was first proposed by scientists in 1946. But it wasn’t until 1990 that the first proton therapy facility in Loma Linda California was opened to the public. As the nation’s first available, hospital-based proton treatment center for cancer, the Loma Linda University Medical Center still offers proton therapy for prostate, lung and brain cancers. “We treat more patients worldwide than any other center of our kind, having delivered over hundreds of thousands treatments.”

No invasive surgery is required with proton beam therapy. Although it is related to radiation therapy for cancer, it is incredibly more precise. That precision of proton beam therapy spares most of the patient’s healthy tissue and therefore it results in far fewer – short-term or long-term – side effects in cancer patients. Unlike radiation treatment, protons only travel a specific distance. This allows doctors with the right equipment to control the depth of the radiation and deliver the payload right where it is needed — without damaging or destroying nearly as much healthy tissue as X-ray beam therapy does. The proton beam process starts by injecting protons into the center of a cyclotron buried beneath the building, where they are met by a series of circular, angled magnets. The magnets are rapidly toggled so as to polarize — and depolarize — causing the protons to hurl around in a circle at about two-thirds the speed of light.

From there, the protons are split, generating a beam that flies through a maze of delivery systems throughout the ProCure building.

Isaac Asimov and other science fiction writers of 70 years ago worried about a human backlash against robots as they took over menial, drudge work. They were wrong. There has been no backlash because robots are too precious to waste on menial drudge work. Robots are doing precision work in the medical field that is so sophisticated that human beings might not ever acquire that degree of precision. Consequently, robots are both needed, and appreciated. In fact, there are dreams alive in the medical field for building newer and better robots.

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