Cisco CCNA Certification: How To Approach The Post-Cert Job Interview

Ok you achieved this! You earned your Cisco Certified Network Associate certification.


People who pass on the CCNA examination drop into one of 3 types. You may be just getting into the IT field you may be working on the LAN side and would like to move to the WAN side (that is the place I had been once I passed the CCNA), or you may already get the job done to the WAN aspect of the system, and also you also want to move the ladder up.

1 of the ways or the other, you are going to get to manage the dreaded job interview. Many CCNAs do very well in interviews, and a few don’t. I’ve been on either side of that interview, and now I have a couple pointers for you to be one of those that excel and get that job 1Z0-160.

Be confident, but not cocky. The CCNA is actually a huge certfication to have it is where all of us start. Usually do not walk into the interview thinking you know what because you own a CCNA. (I am a CCIE and’m the very first to confess I do not understand everything)

Reply questions if you have no idea the solution, there is no sin. If you prepared for your CCNA the right manner — having hands on encounter and understanding rougher topics for example Currency math and NAT — then you will be OK.

Do not stop analyzing your evening you

this examination. Awareness you don’t use immediately becomes forgotten. It really is okay to have a time or 2 off and observe, nevertheless, you have to return to work after that. Read on reviewing your CCNA topics, also get going in your own very first CCNP exam. I’ve seen too numerous newly-minted CCNAs who quickly forgot everything they learned because of that exam simply because they ceased studying right as soon as they handed.

Plan that interview as it is just another CCNA test. As it’s. Except there will not be some multiple option.

Start planning for the interview ahead of you take the examination. How do you accomplish that? Study for the exam the right manner. Obtain a hands-on working experience, both in a class or on your own rack of devices. Get a quality Cisco schooling. Ask questions of the within this field. By doing these things now, you will come around being a superior candidate to the large day.

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