Guide To Free Poker Games to Beat Crazy and Loose Players in Tournaments

Flying, especially in free poker games, but sometimes even in high-stakes live and online poker games has become a standard game type for many people today. I understand the complexities of the pot odds and the implied odds, but you can never understand the odds of someone losing by playing their “instinct”.

Almost everyone I know has a favorite hand, just like me, but playing against people who play anything (and do very well!) Can lead to a change in style and technique. Poker professionals say to give up “bad” hands and I ask what those hands are. When your queens are beaten by someone loose enough to raise you with eight nine offsuits, again I ask what is a bad hand?

I can honestly say that I believe that there are no bad hands DominoQQ Online. Any two cards you end up with are gold if you play them correctly. I saw someone fold a pair of checkers to a loose player, only to find that he failed to bluff.

As much as I hate being commanded at a poker table by someone who shouldn’t be praying, I have to praise him for the stupidity that led to his huge stack of chips!

Now understand that all of my opinions for this article are based on tournament games and usually with rebuys. Cash games are an entirely different matter. I’m not going to delve into that area because I don’t play a lot of money.

Now, let’s say you buy-in to a nice home tournament with rebuys for thirty-five dollars. Now say that you have only ten players for the tournament. Let’s assume that of these ten you have a lost player. And loosely, I’m talking about that guy, you know that guy, raising almost every hand, no matter what the cards, being beaten every now and then, but in general being lucky and getting most of the chips early on.

How can this be, you ask? Well, I ask too !!

The best thing about rebuys and unlimited is the ability to outlast this type of player. If you are eliminated early on by the loose cannon, there is still a chance to recover it with a buyback or two.

My strategy only applies to my game against these players and I must admit that it does not always work, but in general the odds are slightly in my favor. And that does not mean that I am a better player, just that this type of player generally cannot stop the crazy moves that led to all his chips. All you can do is wait for them to get loose and for you to have enough chips to stay in it until they break.

I hope, at least for my sake, that the loose players with whom I sit at the table will never read this!

My point is that if any of these players could change their game at the correct point in the game, we would all be in trouble. Think about it, give the loose cannon a mass of chips, and then, suddenly, they don’t play anything except “premium” hands for the rest of the tournament. In most cases, I believe that person would be the highest paid person of the night! If only they could find the key to turn!

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