Guangzhou Wholesale Market

Guangzhou wholesale market is located in China. This wholesale market doesn’t focus on a single product rather it offers a large variety of products. You can find everything in this market from shoes to automobile parts. This is the best place to invest in wholesale products and increase your sales, a nice way to attract a large number of customers to have lucrative business Guangzhou wholesale market.This is also a great starting point when you are considering to import from China. For e-commerce retailers, the broad range of different merchandise make this wholesale market a ideal place for Amazon product sourcing. Thousands of buyers from worldwide coming here to source products from China to sell on Amazon. The easy access to logistics companies and China freight forwarder is another advantage of this place.

Guangzhou sourcing agent and Guangzhou interpreter

Before we jump into the details of the Guangzhou wholesale market for different industries, please be reminded that most of the population in the city of Guangzhou, or generally speaking in China, does not speak fluent English.  Although mandarin is the official language in China but Cantonese is the most widely used language domestically. This means that most of the vendors and suppliers in Guangzhou who might have limited communication ability to talk to you in English. Therefore it is highly recommended to hire a Guangzhou sourcing agent or a Guangzhou interpreter who not only are able to help you to bridge the language gap but also are able to find the right suppliers for you that fits your budget and requirement. A China sourcing agent  or China import agent is much more than a middle man between you and your suppliers, international trading requires lot of knowledge in manufacturing process in your industry, logistics and customs, and product standard in your targeted country for exportation.

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