Feature Film “Rat City Blues” Launches Groundbreaking Web Campaign

Making a film is a very exciting and difficult task, but the hardest is obtaining funding to create the film. How crucial is promotion in financing fresh films? (Are individuals interested in helping their fellow artist create a work of art) According to different surveys and reports such as The Motion Picture Association of both American and also “Standard & Poors”, picture making remains a lucrative industry more in comparison with other kinds of art. So why is it so really hard to locate financing? An unaffiliated production company decided to stick to exactly the model of this million dollar site as a way to raise financing final cut pro x.

Businesses that purchase pixel space to market a logo may generate visitors for their web sites while simultaneously enabling Red Red Moon Productions to reach its aim in backing the movie. In tradition using “15 minutes of fame,” every advertiser could get an opportunity to find out their “name in lights” from the credits once the film achieves theatrical launch.

The most difficult difficulty independent musicians confront creating their work with significant studios is that their dependence on individuals and companies that are able to perceive the significance of

their own vision. The manufacturing company also pursues traditional methods. “Thinking away from the box” has proven to be the secret in innovative picture financing.

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