Government Scholarships For Working Mothers

The new Obama government has shown that it is determined to make it easier for working mothers to go to college. Going to school is the best thing that a mother can do, particularly if you are unhappy in your current employment. Government scholarships for working mothers will give you the money you need for your own education, without making you compromise on your family.

As a mom I know how hard it can be to find time for yourself at home, let alone considering going to college. But it’s not as hard as you might think. Have you considered:

Online Education: This makes it easy to do your college work at home so you don’t have to leave your children Study in China.

Part Time Study: By studying part time you lighten the work load and you can still work and spend time with your family.

These days, college study is very flexible as institutions recognize the busy lives we all lead and because they still want to attract students such as mothers and mature aged students, they offer a range of options to meet almost any need.

So once you have decided that you have TIME to study, its time to work out how to pay for it all.

That is where the government scholarships for working mothers comes into it.

There is a grant called the Pell Grant that is worth over $5000 and is open to working mothers, single mothers and others who wish to gain financial assistance for school. It does not have to be repaid and is not a loan – that is the great thing about scholarships and grants.

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