How To Get Album Artwork for iTunes

When Apple introduced the new cover flow view to their portable iTunes user interface, most of us were satisfied customers. The cover flow view is a great way to scroll through your albums in a quick and attractive manner. But what happens when some of your songs are missing their album art? Or even worse what do you do when all of your songs are missing album artwork album artwork?

One things is for sure, the cover flow view is now rendered useless. It even becomes quite the annoyance when your iPod or iPhone happens to flip to the cover flow view. Seeing nothing but blank album covers staring you in the face might just push some people over the edge.

Where to get album artwork for iTunes

There is actually a few different ways to get album artwork for iTunes songs. The method you choose really depends on the amount of free time you have. Before going any further, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you have a small or large music library?

Depending on the size of you iTunes library, are you willing to import album artwork by hand?

Can you potentially spend a few bucks on an automatic album artwork finding program?

After you answer these questions you will get a better idea of the direction you want to head in. Personally I went the automatic finder route. I found an easy to use tool that automatically finds album artwork for you. This way you can spend your time enjoying your music instead of trying to clean it up.

But then again, some people have smaller music libraries and using an album art finding tool is simply unnecessary. In this case you can try to import the album art manually. Some album covers can be found with a quick Google image search or by checking The problem is, this method can be incredibly time consuming and not to mention down right frustrating.

Besides just finding album art, there are usually a few other problems with iTunes. Missing and incorrect id3 tags are one of the biggest organizational issues among iTunes users. And for this common problem you can fix your music with the same piece of software that restores album art. The program is an all purpose cleanup utility and music discovery tool.

The program I am speaking of goes by the name of TidySongs. It’s a simple iTunes plug-in that truly gives you the most out of your music listening experience. Well, now you don’t have to scroll through blank album artwork anymore. With the program, you can easily clean your songs up without the usual hassle.

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