Why the Best Condoms Aren’t Found in Your Local Store

There is an entire movement of men who have been buying condoms online. This isn’t because they get to avoid the embarrassment of walking through the checkout line with a box of condoms, or because they don’t want anybody to know they buy small condoms, although those are both valid reasons for buying online.

Instead, this growing group of men is finding that the best condoms are typically not found at your local grocery store or gas station. The best condoms – those that give the greatest pleasure and feel like they are not even there – can usually only be found online.

How Are Great Condoms Different Than The Rest buy condoms?

It’s no secret that thinner condoms feel better during sex. Some people get scared off from these thinking that the thin material means they are not as strong as thicker condoms. Studies done by Consumer Reports show this is a myth. The thinner material is just as strong and reliable as the thicker material.

This thinner material allows more pleasure and sensation to be felt by both partners. Every sex therapist will tell you there is one thing every woman needs before she can have an earth shattering orgasm. That one thing is intimacy. Anytime you are wearing a condom, you are putting up a barrier between you and your woman. That decreases the amount of intimacy she feels and it may make her think you are a bad lover.

The solution is to go with a condom that is as thin as possible and fits you well. This not only lets her feel your curves and shape, but also gives her peace of mind that she does not have to worry about potential disease or unwanted pregnancy. Once you have created this sense of intimacy through selecting the right condom, she will be ready and able to have the best orgasm you can give her.

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