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Automated trading is the name of the game now. Every few days, you will find a new forex robot being launched with the developer claiming to have already made a fortune with that robot. So now you can find many good fx robots in the market. The problem with the brokers continues. Most of the brokers use unethical practices in making these robots fail.

A few days back, one of the readers left a comment on my blog about the forex trading scalper that he was forced to close the trade manually as it was not closing the trade. Now, this problem can be due to using unoptimized settings or it can be due to the broker.

If you are using a narrow slippage setting like 3-4 pips than the robot will get a requote error due to which it may not automatically close the trade. If this is so you should test with a wider slippage settings. Now, always remember, you win, you broker loses and if you lose your broker wins. Trading is a zero sum game. So if you win, it has to be your broker on the other losing side Download.

What this means is that your broker will use all sorts of tricks to make you trip and lose. FAP Turbo was a very successful robot when it was launched. It was consistently doubling the capital. The brokers suddenly started widening the spreads when it would trade. Thus forcing it to lose the trade.

In the same manner, you may find mysterious disconnections when trading. If you ask the broker, he will blame the internet connection. Especially if you are trading a larger lot be careful. The best way is to trade a mini lot when using a forex robot in the beginning. Sometimes, the brokers will give error messages like misquotes and reqoutes. Whatever, there are many tricks the broker can use to make your forex robot lose a trade.

Then, many fx robots are scams. Many developers don’t know anything about forex trading. They copy and steal others code or just use the free code that is available online, rename it and start marketing it as a new fx robot. Now, trading with such a robot is of course a waste of time. What you need to learn is to spot these scam robot at the very start so that you don’t waste time with them.

Now, these five elite forex traders have developed a FREE Automated Trading Course called the Cyborg Master Strategies that you should download just now. This automated trading course is FREE and you will learn a lot from it. Let’s discuss what this automated trading course will teach you:

***Customizing your MetaTrader MT4 Platform is very important. Many new forex trader don’t know how to do it. This will be the first lesson in this Cyborg Master Strategies Automated Trading Course that will show you how to customize the MT4.

***Now many forex traders don’t know how to backtest and forward test a forex robot. This will the next lesson in the course that will teach you how to backtest and forward test a forex robot.

***You will also learn how to find the best settings for your forex robot. This is something very important.

***How to find honest and reliable brokers that will work with you to make your fx robot make money.

***How to protect your fx robot from unethical brokers.

***Learn different automated trading strategies that will enhance the performance of your fx robot.

***Learn automated trading industry’s most guarded secrets and tricks.

You need to download this FREE Cyborg Master Strategies Automated Trading Course just now and discover how you can make your forex robot work and make money for you.

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