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Peru’s Amazon rainforest is one of the most biologically diverse on the planet. The southeastern jungle and its two principal protected areas, the Tambopata National Reserve is terrific for viewing wildlife and more than 1,000 species of birds. One of the great birding spectacles is the sight of thousands of macaws and parrots feeding at a clay lick. Keep your eyes peeled for more elusive wildlife, such as caimans, river otters, and even jaguars and tapir with Peru amazon tours peru amazon tours .
Tambopata national reserve is an important protected area. Here, a string of riverside lodges offer various types of accommodations (from jungle rustic to downright luxe) within reach of countless day hikes and one of the largest macaw clay licks in the country. Tambopata tours shows you innumerable birds, frogs, alligators, giant river otters and the unusual spikey-haired avian species known as the jungle chicken (its official name: hoatzin). For the best Tambopata tours exploring, plan on spend at least two nights in the area. A lovely riverboat ride will take you back to Puerto Maldonado.
The Tambopata dock, 2km south of town, has boats to the Tambopata reserve. Boats to jungle lodges leave from both docks.
This protected area which also includes the zona de amortiguamiento (bufferzone). A highlight of the reserve is the Colpa de guacamayos (Macaw Clay Lick), one of the country’s largest natural clay licks. It attracts hundreds of birds and is a spectacular sight. Travelers heading up the Río Tambopata must register their passport numbers at the puesto control (guard post) and show their national-park entrance permits obtained in Puerto Maldonado at the Sernanp office. Tambopata tours will arrange this for you.
Hoatzin in Peru Amazon
Punk Chickens Listen carefully as your boat passes the banks of the Río Tambopata. If you hear lots of hissing, grunting and sounds of breaking vegetation, it is likely that you have stumbled upon the elaborate mating ritual of one of the Amazon’s weirdest birds, the hoatzin. This is an oversized wild chicken with a blue face and a large crest on its head (hence the nickname ‘punk chicken’). Scientists have been unable to classify this bird as a member of any other avian family, mainly due to the two claws the young have on each wing. To evade predators, hoatzin chicks will fall out of the nest to the river and use their claws to help them scramble backup the muddy banks. The clawed wing is a feature no other airborne creature since the pterodactyl has possessed. The bird’s appearance is outdone by its terrible smell, which may well be the first indication they are nearby. They also taste bad, so are rarely hunted. In this age of rainforest depletion, they are one of the few native birds with a flourishing population.

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