How To Buy The Best Electric Kettle

Top Factors To The best Electric Kettle

Buying an electric kettle

Which? has spent thousands of hours testing best-selling electric kettles from brands such as Dualit, DeLonghi, Morphy Richards and Breville to discover the ones worthy of a Best Buy award. But how do you narrow down the top performers to find your ideal kettle?

Electric Kettle Top Factors epica 6-temperature variable stainless steel cordless electric kettle

To help you decide, our checklist sets out what to look for when choosing a new kettle.


They range from £5 for a simple plastic one to £100 for a designer model in metal with extra features. Plenty kettles are priced between £20 and £40.

The January sales, or during September when retailers seek to tempt students heading off to university to stock-up on budget kitchen gadgets, are both good times to look for bargains. Buying a matching kettle and toaster set might also save you money, compared to purchasing both items separately.

Size And Weight

An electric kettle is something you’re likely to use every day, and kettles that are heavy and poorly balanced can be a strain to hold, which is why each of our kettle reviews includes a rating for handling the kettle. Before you buy, head to a department store or large homeware shop to try out a display model to see how different feel to pick up and tip.

If you find a kettle cumbersome even when it’s empty, it’s probably one to leave on the shelf.

Ease Of Use

Should you decide have arthritis or perhaps trouble gripping things, certain properties might make a kettle better suited to your necessities. Getting a kettle that you can complete through the spout will mean you will not want to make taking the cover off. When you require to use the cover, seek out one with the easy-to-press switch release which opens up the top in width.

Some of them are usually easy to lift up because of the handle position over the top of the electric kettle. Make sure the handle also continues far enough to the back of the kettle for it to be well balanced to pour, while also keeping your hand clear of any steam that may rise from the spout.

Cordless kettles are easier to move about than kettles with electrical cords.

If you’re partially sighted, opt for a kettle with clear controls, contrasting colours for the kettle body and lid, plus a water level gauge that’s easy to read.

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