Barracuda Swimming Goggles – Outstanding Gear for the Serious Swimmer

The first models of Barracuda swimming goggles were produced in 1979, and featured innovative materials not found in other brands. Dr. John Runckel designed the ingenious safety spectacles that struck the optimum balance between functionality and comfort for professional swimmers. Since their initial release on the market, Barracuda goggles also have excelled at visual clarity, as well as protection from harsh elements and high performance in heavy fog and mist. In addition, swimmers have benefitted from high-standard materials that last for years, and those with vision problems can choose from goggles that come with quality prescription lenses.

One of the outstanding features of Barracuda swimming goggles is the wide array of categories available. You can select from various types such as racing, triathlon, corrective, women’s, men’s, and junior. The style and category you choose from will depend on your skill, facial structure and specific needs. With the broad selection of goggles offered by Barracuda, you are assured that you can purchase the best swimming goggle that more than satisfies your requirements.

Most Outstanding Feature of Barracuda Goggles

What most people like about the Barracuda products is the type of pressure seal that these products offer. Dubbed the “Positive Pressure Seal,” it ensures the goggles fit perfectly, so you can see clearly without any disturbance from the elements while you swim. It results in outstanding comfort and does not leave any marks around the eyes even after hours of wearing.

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Swimmers the world over consider the Barracuda brand to be the best swimming goggles because of the remarkable material that seals closely but comfortably against your skin. The spectacles also come with CR-39 specialized lenses that are scratch-resistant, distortion-free, and deliver maximum visual clarity. If you have problems with your vision, you can purchase goggles with corrective lenses, so you can still see clearly even when underwater.

Types of Barracuda Swimming Goggles

This top-level swim gear brand has developed various types of goggles that meet the needs of every swimmer. The following are among the most sought after versions of Barracuda goggles:

1. Premier Swimming Goggles

If you are a triathlete, fitness swimmer or you plan to swim in open-water, then the Premier goggles are perfect for you. These spectacles are available with CR-39 corrective lenses, hard case, snug-fitting head straps, and polyurethane material for the foam pad. Furthermore, the frame is shatter-proof, so you can rely on the durability of this top brand of swimming goggles.

2. Standard Goggles

The classic style of standard Barracuda goggle offers versatility and comfort. It comes with a leak-resistant feature, as well as the CR-39 special lenses. The cost varies according to the components of the goggles, and the price begins at $30 for regular versions.

3. Torpedo Goggles

Torpedo goggles reduce drag, so you can experience ultimate performance and comfort while swimming. You will also appreciate the adjustable nose-bridges, pressure seal, and rounded style of the frame. This type of swimming goggle costs $14, and it is the popular choice of professional, competitive and amateur swimmers.

4. Medalist Goggles

This version is ideal for individuals with small facial structures, as well as children. They come with fog-resistant lenses and shatter-proof frame. You can purchase the regular Medalist goggles for $20, while those with prescriptive lenses cost approximately $180.

Other Best-Selling Types of Barracuda Goggles

You are not limited to a few options when you look for the ideal pair of goggles by Barracuda. Another top-selling model is the Hydrolux, which features a Siltex gasket for superior comfort and polycarbonate lenses for optimum clarity. This is the best choice suitable for competitive swimmers or those who need to train for hours.

Velocity is another excellent model for beginners and individuals who look for classic spectacles with a professional design. Among the great features of the Velocity goggles include fog-resistant lens, plastic eye cup, high-quality nose-bridge, rubber sponge and durable head strap.

The Bottom Line with Barracuda Goggles

Barracuda swimming goggles are one of the most preferred brands of professional swimmers the world over. You will be extremely impressed with their outstanding features, especially the leak-proof seal and corrective lenses, as well as the maximum visibility and superb protection they offer from harsh elements and chemicals.

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