An Aromatherapy Air Freshener For Any Occasion

I love my big boys and men. I do. Aromatherapy air freshener has helped me go right on loving them through puberty’s ravages, late adolescence’s awkward stages and early adulthood’s long days of hard work and long nights of hard partying. For the most part my boys and men have grown-up pretty well, and I have toughened-up as they have grown. Still, without lemon, pine, cedar, and my own favorite fragrances, I do not feel certain I would have survived. One aromatherapy air freshener after another has kept our house smelling like a house instead of a locker room.

I live in a house filled with boys and men-one husband, four sons, and one large blonde German shepherd. One girl managed to squeeze herself into the middle of the pack. Since that one and only daughter took off for UCLA, sadly determined to have a life and career of her own, I egg-beater kick and tread water in seas of testosterone, battling dirty socks, even nastier boxer shorts, and collected debris from baseball, soccer, and lacrosse fields mixed with the unmistakable bouquet of 90-weight transmission oil. Surely, then, you must understand how an aromatherapy air freshener has become my very best friend – secret seduction spray review.

Trust me: If ever I once was the least bit girlie-girl, sensitive or squeamish in any way, the boys and men have sent my weaker double-X chromosome qualities into remission. My reliance on aromatherapy air fresheners has little or nothing to do with delicate sensibilities, over-sensitive olfactory functions, or disdain for things out of order. Believe me: my chaos tolerance has soared off the top of the charts. It takes only one slightly desperate telephone call, “Mom, I forgot my jock and cup,” to blast the Barbie right out of the girl. No, aromatherapy air freshener around my house has nothing to do with maintaining some hint of femininity. My dependence on aromatherapy air fresheners has everything to do with waging war against the unmistakable…well, we will say “musk” of feet, armpits, and nether parts.

So, of course, in my guerrilla campaign against all things distinctly boy-smelling, I use an aromatherapy air freshener everywhere and in all its forms. I feel pretty confident I have invented, adapted, innovated, and mutated aromatherapy air freshener in solutions and applications Mother Nature and all the domestic demi-goddesses never imagined. In the clothes hampers, my formulas dominate. In the dryer, softener clothes drenched in one of my formulas work clothes, school clothes, jerseys and jockstraps. In the bathrooms, candles and diffusers, strategically located sacks of cedar and pine, and even in the toilet tanks-places boys imagine girls cannot venture. And, in the kitchen, I sometimes battle my own the smells of beef, pork, onions, and garlic. Just because my ravenous hordes must have their slabs of meat, nowhere does it say I must live with the day-after smells of their feasting.

Most of all, though, the use of an aromatherapy air freshener has become my secret seductive tool for those rare moments when I have time alone with my man… Candles work well, linen spray works better, and my hair, wrists, and nape seem to have superpowers. And just to show what kind of girl I am, I confess I mix essential oils with fragrances for him-not my favorites, but the ones that drive him wild. Okay, maybe those essential oils have become my favorites, too, because of their sweet associations. Women’s magazines have claimed women respond to pheromones more than men do. I really do not think so. When I lavish seductive aromatherapy air freshener around the boudoir, my man seems to pick up the scent just fine.

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