Top Four Japanese Animation Movies to Watch on the Android Tablet

With the recent development of Google Play, it has been made possible to watch all types of movies on the Android tablet. Whether the movie is new or old, you can enjoy most of the movie collection on a large tablet screen. In this article, we examine four of the best Japanese animation movies you can watch on your Android tablet. You will not be disappointed how detailed the movies are.
The first animation classic you should watch is Spirited Away. This Academy Award winning movie was produced by famous Japanese director, Hayao Miyazaki. You will recognize his name in other award-winning titles such as Howl’s Moving Castle. If there was one animation film that made me cry, it was Spirited Away. The plot focus is on Chihiro, an average girl who stumbles upon a mysterious town full of weird spirits. Unfortunately, her parents turn into fat pigs for their greediness so it is up to Chihiro to rescue them from this whole new world. If there is one Miyazaki classic you have to watch, it is Spirited Away. Due to its popularity, an English version was also made to help those in America, Europe, and other Western countries ดูวันพีช.
The second animation film you should check out is Princess Mononoke. Again, this film was made by Hayao Miyazaki. The theme is based on the battles between humans and nature. You will be amazed by the level of details employed into the animation and the story. The main protagonists are San and Ashitaka. San is the princess raised by a clan of wolves. As you watch this film, you will begin to understand the many twists within the plot of Princess Mononoke. To fully enjoy this film on your Android tablet, you should make sure that the device comes with a good graphics processor and in-built sound device.
A more recent film you should check out is Howl’s Moving Castle. Again, the setting is based on a fantasy world. A young woman is cursed by a witch and turns into a old woman. While she is under the curse, Sofi asks a wizard to help her become a young woman again. The level of detail found in Howl’s Moving Castle is simply stunning. What makes it even more amazing is the fact that a lot of it was hand-drawn.
The final animation movie you should check out on your Android tablet is My Neighbor Totoro. Unlike the first three that were discussed, this movie has a cuter theme. All of these movies are available on Google Play. If you ever get bored while traveling, get your Android tablet out and start watching these great classics now.

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