Album Review of Lucky Ali’s ‘Iksoi’ (Xsuie)

Lucky Ali’s long awaited record ‘Iksoi’ has finally been published in September 2009. ‘Iksoi’ means going towards an absolute leadership, also at precisely the exact same time, appreciating every moment of this travel naa songs.

‘Iksoi’ is arriving after a difference of five decades and Lucky’s buffs needs to be anxiously awaiting. Formerly, there have been rumors in regards to the release of this record, but its own release maintained on getting postponed due to some unknown motive. Now, however, the record is now out forsale.

Ahead of ‘Iksoi’, Lucky Ali has contributed many soulful records for his fans.

The record contains 9 tracks in total, that can be the Following:

Out from the above mentioned tracks, sound of just 1 song ‘Dil Gaaye Jaa’ was published on web site. The song can be found on certain audio internet sites as a paid downloading. It’s just a slow, romantic ballad, also its own lyrics that are ordinary makes the song feeble. The positive point of this song could be the normal singing mode of Ali that adds elegance

this song.

The entire album is anticipated to be published somewhere within October 2009. It’s theorized that the video of 2 songs was taken and so they should be on atmosphere whenever the standard announcement of this record was created.

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